School Policies:

ES01 Child Safe Environments Policy (PDF 626 KB)
ES02 Risk Management Policy (PDF 525 KB)
ES03 Staff Selection Procedures and Recruitment Policy (PDF 422 KB)
ES04 Grievance and Complaints Policy (PDF 477 KB)
ES05 Teacher Code of Conduct (PDF 766 KB)
ES06 Student Code of Conduct (PDF 485 KB)
ES07 Enrolment Procedures (PDF 943 KB)
ES08 Emergency and Critical Incident Policy (PDF 833 KB)
ES09 Supervision of Students Policy (PDF 383 KB)
ES10 Personal Information and Photograph Release Policy (PDF 540 KB)
ES11 Communication Policy (PDF 555 KB)
ES12 Principal Accountabilities and Responsibilities (PDF 342 KB)
ES13 Management Committee Guidelines (PDF 334 KB)
ES20 Data and Information Management Policy (PDF 467 KB)
ES21 Copyright Policy (PDF 408 KB)
ES22 School Safety and Security Policy (PDF 356 KB)
ES23 Work Health and Safety Policy (PDF 312 KB)
ES24 Visitor and Parental Volunteer Policy (PDF 382 KB)
ES34 Student Attendance Policy (PDF 502 KB)
ES35 Behaviour Management Policy (PDF 688 KB)
ES36 Excursions and Incursions Policy (PDF 651 KB)
ES37 Medication, Accident and First-Aid Policy (PDF 980 KB)
ES38 Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF 334 KB)
ES39 Cyber Safety Policy (PDF 880 KB)
ES40 Special Needs Policy (PDF 341 KB)
ES45 Hot Weather Policy (PDF 491 KB)
ES46 SunSmart Policy (PDF 428 KB)
ES47 Immunisation and Infection Control Policy (PDF 401 KB)
ES53 Screening DVDs and Movies Policy (PDF 510 KB)